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Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source.

Diverse Applications

Solar energy can be used for diverse purposes.

Solar is carbon-free

Solar energy systems don’t require a lot of maintenance.



If you're looking for a way to protect the environment while reducing your dependence on utility companies, Texas Solar Integrated is the name to trust. We offer solar shingles as an option to help you create your own energy from the rays of the sun. Serving the entire state of Texas, we can design a setup that will suit the needs of your family or business.


As an environmentally friendly company, we're always looking for ways to help others reduce their own carbon footprints. We offer solar energy choices that are designed to reduce fossil fuel consumption. For customer convenience, we have financing options that can help reduce the initial burden of this worthwhile investment.

To find out if solar shingles would be a good option for your home or office, call our office in San Antonio, TX. At Texas Solar Integrated, we're here to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy.

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