Done with High Electric Bills

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source.

Diverse Applications

Solar energy can be used for diverse purposes.

Solar is carbon-free

Solar energy systems don’t require a lot of maintenance.

I knew that we wanted to look into solar as electric bill costs just kept increasing and increasing no matter how energy efficient we were. Our sales rep Christopher was professional and very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all questions (and I had a sheet of them). The company helped me with the HOA paperwork and Mr Coffee was instrumental in getting the correct approvals. The company handles all the permits etc. The customer service was outstanding from sales to installation to after installation support. I liked them so much that I recommended them to my daughter and they purchased a system through them also. I am very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone. I'm just a couple of months in but I can tell you that I am very happy when opening my CPS bill and look forward to the years of savings - especially during San Antonio's blazing summer months.

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