New solar-powered sculpture at Vegas baseball complex hopes to highlight renewable energy

New solar-powered sculpture at Vegas baseball complex hopes to highlight renewable energy

A 15-foot-tall sculpture featuring a hand gripping a baseball will be unveiled next month at Desert Diamonds Baseball Complex, adjacent to Mountain’s Edge Regional Park. The organization involved in its creation hopes it will ignite public awareness for renewable energy.

The sculpture, called "Organic Study No. 2, was designed by local artist Luis Varela-Rico. Solar cells are located at the top of the sculpture. The energy produced will be stored in a battery based on the pedestal, lighting the sculpture.

"It’s been truly amazing to be involved in this project. Our hope is that this first installation will lead to many. This will become a powerful symbol for Nevada’s growing green energy economy,” said Varela-Rico.

Varela-Rico worked with Renewable Envoy, a Vegas-based organization that aims to educate the community on renewable energy and the economic value it brings to communities.

“Public art can make us pay attention to our civic environment; it can encourage us to question what’s around us." said Pam Stuckey, CEO and Founder of Renewable Envoy. "Public art can create civic icons, and it also can transform our streets, local businesses, playgrounds, bus/train stations, traffic circles, hospitals, water treatment facilities, and airports into more vibrant expressions of human imagination."

The sculpture dedication and reception will be held on May 1, 6:30-8:30 p.m. and is open to the public. A light reception will take place at 6:30 p.m.

“The powerful image will be a monument to all the players while providing fans an iconic symbol of the Desert Diamonds baseball complex,” said Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones.

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