Solar Power Facts

Installing solar panels can help you drastically cut your energy costs and they eventually pay for themselves.If you are considering adding solar panels as part of your green home remodel, first consider these basic solar power facts.…

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How the solar industry is responding to the increasing intensity of natural disasters

Weather patterns have always been considered when determining solar system lifetimes and performance. Safety is also considered when establishing installation guidelines and product standards. The recent intensity of natural disasters across the country—a direct result of climate change—brings the adequacy of safety and performance standards into question. Are solar installations prepared for the increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events of the future?…

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Top 10 Solar Energy Uses

Solar energy, solar power derived from the sun through the use of solar panels, is just one of the newest initiatives the "Going Green" movement has presented to us, in an effort to build and maintain renewable and sustainable power sources. As with any new addition to your home, there is always the initial cost of the components and installation cost to get it up and running.…

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